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mx_offtopic_borderMagic the Gathering, played with real cards, can be a very expensive hobby: If you want to buy cards for a new deck, you often have to wait some months to get all cards you need.

If you already own other cards which fit in your deck, you may also want to play them instead until you can afford the more expensive cards.

The last deck I was excited about was Bant Spirits. A great modern deck which is quite fast but has also some control elements in it.

I already owned some cards but so many were missing to finally play it.

So I began to create a list: which cards I own, how many are still missing and how much I have to pay for them…

But getting the price for every card was quite annoying: Querying just to find out an actual price for a card and typing it into the sheet.

So I started to create a Macro to accomplish this annoying task automatically. I think this Excel sheet became quite useful. That’s why I want to share it with you.


myDeckWishlist helps you to keep your missing cards tracked.


You can get it here:

Enable Macros for this document

Since myDeckWishlist is macro based, you have to enable macros before you can use it.


Be careful when enabling macros in documents from the internet! Only do this if you trust the source. If you are able to read programming languages always check the code before enabling macros.

The Excel sheets in myDeckWishlist

The Excel sheet has two sheets: Deck List and Cost Overview. You only enter data in the Deck List sheet. Cost Overview is generated automatically.

Deck List


You have to fill out four columns for each card:

  • No#: how many cards will be needed in this Deck
  • Name: what’s the name of the card
  • Type: what kind of type is this card (the type is needed for the Cost Overview pivot table)
  • How many I already got: speaks for itself, I suppose…


On the right side you can choose if you want to query the prices for your mainboard or sideboard only – or for both.


When you click on “Calculate MKM prices” the prices for the table(s) of your choice will be queried and the table(s) will be filled out with the minimum price for each card.

This process takes a bit time because it queries the MKM for every card to get the actual prices.

While the prices are being fetched you see in the bottom left corner which card is queried.


When all prices are fetched the Application bar shows the status “ready”.


Cost Overview

In the cost overview sheet you can easily see where the most expensive card types are.

pivotMaybe you can already play your deck if you only exchange your manabase..?


When you query MKM market with the button on the Deck List page, these pivot tables will be refreshed automatically. If you make other changes without querying prices, you can refresh them with the Refresh Pivot Tables Button, too.

Donate and Share

If you like myDeckWishlist and you want to support me, feel free to donate here: Donate

You may also share it with your friends and comment on this page. It’s not perfect yet, so if you have any suggestions for improvement, let me know.

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  1. Hello there,

    so I was researching information about that certification (OSCP) I want to take. I somehow ended up on your youtube channel and learned that you are interested in infosec. Since I’m interested in infosec too I felt like visiting your blog. First thing that jumped out at me was that you play MTG. Cool, I play MTG, too! When I clicked this article here I couldn’t believe my eyes. You want to get the same deck I’m playing in modern. That is very amazing too me, so I had to share this coincidence here in the comments. Oh and by the way I am german too :o).

    I can tell you that Bant Spirits is such a fun deck to play and I hope that you collected all the cards at this point. If not, definitely stick with your plan.

    Have a nice sunday.


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