Hakin9 – How to become a hacker


For all of you who ever wondered how to become a hacker, Hakin9 interviewed a few people about how to become a hacker including me.

They released their issue “How to become a Hacker” in December 2016:


Download it for free and read all the advice from experienced professionals and hackers.

Experts featured in the issue:

Luis Borralho

Security Administrator At A2it

Aditya Balapure

Senior Application Security Engineer With Grubhub

Andrea Santese

Penetration Tester

Anthony Caldwell

Cyber Security Analyst

Cory Miller

Principal Vulnerability Detection Analyst

Khaled Sakr

Information Security Engineer At Security Meter

Raj Chandel

Director Of Ignite Technologies And The Founder Of Hackingarticles.in

Rex Aantonny

Founder And Chief Executive Officer At Rex Cyber Solutions

Suleman Malik

Cyber Security Analyst

Tom Madsen

IT Specialist At United Nations

Shane Rudy

Senior Security Consultant

Louay Saleh

Information Security Manager

Miriam Wiesner

Premier Field Engineer For Security


One comment

  1. Hi! Your interview was awesome! thanks a lot!! You and Shane Rudy are inspiring people…greetings from Mexico… =)


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