Did you notice..?

mx_offtopic_borderThose who visited my blog recently may have already remarked that my blog is changing. I created a totally new layout and I also structured my topics to write about…

Wanna know what has been changed?

New domain

I bought and registered the domain miriamxyra.com. Now you can type in this URL into your browser bar to access my content.

If you subscribe to my blog, you will get informed by email, when I post new stuff.


I drew all the illustrations for miriamxyra.com by myself.

It took me about three weeks to create all those images: I painted a picture for every topic, I’m writing about.

I created a title logo for my blog and different logos for my social media channels. Did you know that every social media has it’s own dimensions for title logos?
I had to create a logo for every single one, considering that it has to look nice on every website.

Finally this evening, I also created my very own social media buttons in the same layout as the topic thumbnails.

mx_facebook     mx_twitter     mx_YouTube     mx_linkedIn     mx_rss

Topics I write about

I divided my blog into three categories and all articles are categorized into one of those. Some articles fit in multiple topics but they always have a main thumbnail.



Everything security related fits in here. You will find my hacking video tutorials here and also other interesting security stuff.




I’m not always working with Microsoft products when I’m working with computers. But when I do I’m looking for a solution which fits my needs and which is special in it’s own way. You will rarely find similar information on these topics.




Everything that doesn’t fit in the other topics goes here. It can be something game related or something about me or my blog.


What’s your opinion?

What do you think about the topic categories?

How do you like my new layout and the images I created?

I’d love to read your feedback: You can write me a comment or you may also get in contact on my other social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn!