Hacking Video Tutorial: Stack Buffer Overflow

mx_security_borderBuffer Overflow is the consequence of a vulnerability in computer software. It is used by attackers to overwrite memory bounds, to crash the code and even to inject malicious code – the so called payload.

In this video tutorial I’m reverse engineering my demo code with Immunity Debugger to show you how memory is processed in the stack.

Watch my video about Buffer Overflow in the stack segment to learn which processor registers are involved while executing a program and how the stack can be exploited.

If you also want to know more about buffer overflow in the heap segment, make sure, you’ll watch my video tutorial about buffer overflow in the heap segment: In this video tutorial I will explain the data structure of the heap and the stack segment. I will also exploit my own demo code and explain what happens in the memory…


  1. Ah, finally a new blog post – and the wait was worth it. Well structured, clear example, all explained with a calm, soothing voice. How much effort did it take for you to compile the entire video?

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    1. Hi Paul,

      I’m glad you like my video.
      I guess I took a week for it – I worked on it every evening and the whole weekend…with very little sleep. 😉

      Best Regards


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